"Never Trump" groups collide with Kasich, Cruz

The anti-Trump forces are frustrated that Kasich is making a play for the state, worrying that he will suck support away from Cruz and open the door for Trump to win more delegates than he should.

“Don’t understand Kasich logic of competing in Indiana,” former Romney strategist Stuart Stevens tweeted. “He can’t win but can help Trump, greatly reducing any convention option. Why?”

Never Trump is urging “every Hoosier who doesn’t want Donald Trump be the nominee to vote for Cruz.”

And Packer says there is nothing there for Kasich to play for.

“There’s nothing we see that indicates that Kasich has real opportunities to pick up delegates [in Indiana],” she said. “I don’t really know what their campaign’s objectives [in Indiana] are…but for our purposes – no.”

Still, Kasich this week unveiled his Indiana leadership team and announced he’d be opening two new offices there. He’ll also spend election night in the state on Tuesday while voters are casting ballots along the East Coast in contests that are believed to be a more natural fit for him.

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