Donald Trump will see you in court

In reality, not all of Trump’s customers and business partners have come away praising his name, or his brand. Since 2000, Trump has been sued 72 times in federal court, more than some of his high-profile peers, in cases both serious and frivolous. Casino magnates Stephen Wynn and Sheldon Adelson have been named in 20 and 11 federal suits during that time, respectively. Real estate developer Richard LeFrak has been named in one case.

Trump gets sued simply because “he’s a tremendously successful business person who speaks his mind and doesn’t easily cave to threats and litigation,” said Alan Garten, general counsel for the Trump Organization.

The 72 cases count only federal lawsuits against Trump himself, not those filed against his companies. Include them—along with the many lawsuits Trump and his businesses have filed against others—and altogether Trump and his companies have either sued or been sued at least 1,300 times since 2000, a Bloomberg analysis of state and federal court filings from around the country shows. (Even that total falls short: Court documents on scores more lawsuits against Trump dating back to the 1980s are no longer readily available.)

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