Cruz chair admits: Pennsylvania "will likely go mostly for Trump"

The best hope for Cruz, Sweet told members of Cruz’s national security team in an on-the-record conference call, is to win a “fair share” of the delegates at stake in the Keystone State.

“We knew all along…that this particular stretch of states in the Northeast was going to be probably the low point of the campaign in terms of our ability to win delegates,” Sweet said, noting Cruz’s loss last week in New York. “We recognize it’s going to be a tough stretch for us on Tuesday. We always anticipated that we would have to ride through that period, and fortunately for us, a number of the key states, including Pennsylvania, which will be one of the big states on Tuesday that will likely go mostly for Trump, we’ll still win a fair share, Kasich will still win a fair share. If you combine both Kasich and us together, you’ll see that the anti-Trump vote exceeds the Trump vote.”

Donald Trump leads Cruz by 19.5 points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls in Pennsylvania. Under the state’s complex delegate allocation system, 17 delegates will go to the statewide winner, while 54 more delegates will be unbound to any candidate, even on the first ballot. Many delegate candidates have said they intend to support whoever wins their district or the state.