Among this group of GOP primary voters, Trump is the Porsche of candidates

“Characterizing Donald Trump as a type of car or animal resulted in some fascinating descriptions — from the GOP group, women depicted him as a Porsche, a Ferrari, a muscle car, a boxer who stands his ground, a bulldog, an Escalade, a lion (fierce and king of the jungle) and as an unpredictable cat,” Newhouse and Omero wrote in a memo summarizing the results. “These Moms praised him as someone who speaks his mind, stands his ground, and is refreshingly politically incorrect.”

The focus group, which was split evenly between Trump supporters and those backing another Republican candidate, provides a fascinating window into not only how Pennsylvanians view Trump on the eve of the state’s primary, on Tuesday, but also into how the real estate mogul is viewed more broadly.

The findings should be comforting for Trump and deeply concerning not only for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, his rivals for the Republican nomination, but also for the “Never Trump” movement within the GOP establishment.

“These GOP Walmart moms seem to want no part of the #NeverTrump movement,” Newhouse told me Sunday. “In fact, they respect his strength and his straight talk and believe he is the party’s best shot to beat Hillary.”

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