Trump leaving winnable Pennsylvania delegates on the table, supporters fear

“The campaign has not been effective in engaging the delegates,” said Gabriel Keller, a candidate for delegate in the 12th Congressional District. “We have decided to move forward with or without the campaign. We are going to get Donald Trump the Pennsylvania delegates. It is not going to be the campaign, and our goal is to get 45 of the 54 [unbound delegates.]”…

As a further complication, the ballot does not indicate whom a delegate plans to support, meaning voters hoping to back Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz or Mr. Kasich will have to figure it out for themselves.

Mr. Keller said he is trying to get out the word that he will be a vote for Mr. Trump and set up a “Delegates for Trump” webpage that lists more than 40 others who are pledged to Mr. Trump.

The 38-year-old said he sought the campaign’s help but got nothing — not even a “Make America Great Again” hat.