How Trump can win the inside delegate game in New York

Of New York’s 95 delegates to the national convention, 81 will be chosen in groups of three by congressional district. Each district will have a mini convention before the end of May at which the state committeemen and women elected last September by state assembly district will vote. Votes will be weighted at the congressional district level by how much of the state assembly district lies within each congressional district.

The state chairman and national committee members are also delegates. The remaining at-large delegates will be chosen by the full state committee at the end of next month. Though no one besides the state committee will get a vote, the party expects to include the input of county chairmen and campaign operatives.

Trump’s campaign boasts the support of 33 county chairmen out of 62 in the state, giving him a broad base of support in a majority of the state. And he is leading in most polls by more than 50% — the threshold needed to automatically win all of the state’s at-large delegates and the mark he will have to hit in each congressional district to win all of those delegates.