Donald Trump is still struggling to install friendly delegates

The Cruz campaign has identified supporters down to local precincts in Washington who will turn out for the state convention next month to support Cruz delegates.

“I have seen no signs of Trump,” Gamoran added.

In Nebraska, the GOP primary is next month, but the process of selecting delegates is underway. J.L. Spray, a Nebraska committeeman for the Republican National Committee, said that he has attended dozens of precinct and county party meetings to prepare and that “Cruz had a presence and Trump had nothing.”

The Trump campaign has failed to return several phone calls offering to give the campaign access to Republican voter data, Spray said.

“If I were them, I would have called me back,” he said, adding that Trump “had a campaign with earned media and has no grass roots. He’s AstroTurf, and it’s hard to grow grass roots all of a sudden.”