Donald Trump has a female firewall, too

Heading into the home stretch of the Republican presidential primaries, Donald Trump remains the front-runner, although his frequent, disparaging statements about women often make it seem as though he’s eager to lose that designation. Trump has, of course, criticized Carly Fiorina’s appearance (“Look at that face!”), implied that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly was tough on him because she was menstruating, and insisted that women should face “punishment” for having abortions if the procedure is outlawed (an assertion he later walked back).

It’s no shock, then, that Trump was found cratering in a poll conducted for Bloomberg Politics this month of married women likely to vote in the general election: Nearly 60 percent found the language he used to talk about women offensive and embarrassing, while 70 percent held an unfavorable opinion of him. Single women regard him like the plague, survey after survey shows. And a recent Democracy Corps poll found that even women in the stalwart pro-Trump “blue-collar” demographic are peeling away.

But there is one group of women who, despite all this, are stubbornly sticking by him: married, white Republican-primary voters. The Bloomberg Politics poll, conducted online by Purple Strategies, found they not only held a favorable view of Trump and preferred him to Ted Cruz, but 41 percent said they’re more likely to vote in November if Trump is the Republican nominee (only 5 percent said they’re less likely).