Legalizing abortion hasn't ended the back alley

When she walked out of that Planned Parenthood facility, maybe she believed her pregnancy had been “terminated.”

Two months later, as Tina sat in the outpatient emergency department of a local hospital, she may have regretted her decision to trust Planned Parenthood. When the medical staff at that hospital told her she’d have to undergo a second-trimester abortion when she thought the Richmond Planned Parenthood had “taken care” things in July, perhaps she realized that the soft pastels and warm rhetoric had all been a lie.

While the name Tina is fictitious, the story above is real, and based on a patient file from the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood’s Richmond, Virginia, abortion center on Hamilton Street, included in an inspection report from a Virginia Department of Health official. According to the official’s report, obtained by The Family Foundation of Virginia through a Freedom of Information Act request, this is what happened.