So long to the "Sistah Souljah" moment

In 2016, Mr. Clinton couldn’t get elected — indeed he was practically booed off the stage at his wife’s campaign event this month after he defended his crime bill to Black Lives Matter activists. He was later made to issue an apology.

The Democratic Party is moving left — swiftly, and resoundingly so. It’s also abandoning any sense of truthfulness or rationality. The transition was hastened by Barack Obama’s presidency, when he sacrificed tough talk and responsible solutions to pander for votes. As a result, the Democratic voting base has become more liberal, requesting more from the government and less of themselves.

In 1994, when Eric Holder was a U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia under Mr. Clinton’s administration, Mr. Holder condemned the black community for its “lack of values,” and “aversion to work.”

Although crime “is born of poverty,” Mr. Holder said in a speech at a Martin Luther King Jr. event at the time, “we must also realize that crime is generated by a lack of values that has largely gone unaddressed in our nation as a whole and in the black community in particular. Soaring unwed birthrates, absentee fathers, an aversion to work, an unwillingness to embrace societal standards and time-honored discipline — all these factors have contributed to the problems we must now confront.”