Trump could lose delegates in states that have yet to vote

Meeting behind closed doors, party leaders in Indiana on Wednesday selected 27 delegates, with most expected to be opposed the billionaire, even though the state’s voters won’t cast primary ballots there for nearly more three weeks.
As the calendar advances closer to the July national convention, it will become more common to have states like Indiana pick delegates before ballots are cast. That could buttress accusations by the New York real estate mogul and his allies that the system is rigged…

Besides Indiana, some of the other states that will select delegates before primaries include Montana and New Mexico, which both hold June 7 elections. South Dakota, also a June 7 state, elected its delegates in mid-March.

Party rules require that information about the delegates be provided to the Republican National Committee at least 35 days before the start of the convention, so it’s a tight turnaround for the states that vote in June.