Operation 1,237: The hunt for GOP delegates

The logic suggests the most interesting contest could be the wrangling that occurs between California and Cleveland.

Forecasters estimate there will be roughly 130 to 200 unbound delegates going into the convention. Josh Putnam, a campaign expert at the University of Georgia who runs the delegate site Frontloading HQ, estimates Trump’s final tally could be somewhere between 1,172 and, at best, 1,255. “There is very little margin for error,” he says.

Feaman believes “There are some unbound delegates around the country that could be subject to politicking or convincing.” The rules regarding the limits to wooing delegates are unclear and leave open many possibilities for desperate candidates.

Evans notes that in addition to courting unbound delegates, Trump could also try to team up with a rival and offer a vice presidential spot in exchange for delegates. Or, he notes, Ted Cruz could do the same. Marco Rubio, notably, is refusing to release his delegates.