How Donald Trump is right about our rigged politics

Yes, I understand that the rules were established long ago and that this is the system we have. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t rigged. Rules in any institution can be designed to favor a particular group or result.

Look at Wall Street and Washington, D.C. Think about corporate inversions, in which companies play by the rules to dodge taxes and protect assets. Or the broader tax code, which has all sorts of “rules” that benefit those with resources to game the system. Or trade policy, which often benefits a select group of large corporations or special interests.

Many folks who take advantage in our economy are playing by the rules. That doesn’t mean the system isn’t manipulated. The same is fundamentally true in our political duopoly. From a system that doesn’t seem to follow voters’ wishes in ballot results, to delegates selected without voter input, to large numbers of superdelegates who have more power in the nominating process than voters. There is potential for back-room deals at conventions and caucuses across the U.S. In short, rigging is rampant.