Cruz delegate strategy could embolden Trump foes in states that Trump won

“Cruz delegates won’t need on-the-job training in Cleveland,” said Matt Strawn, former chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “This experience will be invaluable during the inevitable fog of war that surrounds an open convention.”…

Besides his Colorado sweep, delegates backing Cruz also won 11 of 12 convention slots allocated at four congressional district meetings in Iowa over the weekend. Cruz “seems to be drawing from the ranks of seasoned activists who have been navigating the intricacies of state and local party politics for years,” Strawn said.

Late Saturday in Colorado, Short was elected to the convention’s Rules Committee, a group that would play a central role in making decisions about a contested convention.

“Having folks who have attended before is important and I think that will serve Senator Cruz well,” Short said. “He’s going to need fighters on the floor.”