Even Superman couldn't bend this steel

Researchers have developed a super-strong steel that acts more like glass — and can be used to shield satellites from meteorites, drill through stubborn rock formations or bust through bad guys’ underground liars.

The new new steel alloy can withstand pressure and stress of up to 12.5 giga-Pascals (equivalent to about 125,000 atmospheres of pressure) without a scratch, according to researchers at the University of California, San Diego and University of Southern California, who published their findings recently in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

Superhero powers aren’t just for comic book characters. Thanks to new tech, they’re for everyone! Wanna go for a quick flight? Done.

In comparison, stainless steel has an limit of 0.2 giga-Pascals, while tungsten carbide (a high-strength ceramic used in military armor) is 4.5 giga-Pascals. Only diamonds are tougher, but not so practical for armor or anything else.