These 200 people could decide whether Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination

Phil English, a past delegate from Pennsylvania and a former congressman, is among the 162 Republicans running to become delegates. He said he considers himself “a free agent” and is open to nominating someone not currently campaigning, such as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.).

“I intend to listen to people in my community, look at how they vote in the beauty contest, and then make my own assessment of what would be the strongest ticket for the Republican Party,” English said.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently surveyed Pennsylvania’s delegate candidates and found that 61 of the 110 respondents said they would cast at least their first ballot for the presidential candidate who wins the state’s primary. Thirty-two of the respondents said they already are committed to a candidate, while the remainder were undecided.

“They in effect become the Republican Party’s superdelegates, just like the Democrats have,” Anuzis said, referring to the hundreds of delegate slots on the Democratic side not chosen by voters. “They could do whatever they want to do.”