Ted Cruz doesn’t need any endorsements

Sen. Jim Risch is not sure whether he’s endorsed his colleague Sen. Ted Cruz for president. In a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the Idaho senator said he “hopes” Cruz takes the nomination. Blitzer responded by saying that makes him only the third senator to endorse Cruz, a comment that befuddled Risch. “Did I just endorse, Wolf?” he asked. Blitzer pointed out that he had said he “hopes” Cruz is the nominee because he’s better than the other two candidates. So is that an endorsement? “I guess,” Risch responded.

“Obviously Kasich is so far behind, it’s impossible really for him to get the numbers, so by process of elimination that gets you to Ted Cruz,” Risch added. Don’t get carried away now, Jim, you’re going to make the man blush.

Risch’s resigned quasi-endorsement is more than Cruz is getting from his other congressional colleagues this week. You might’ve thought his high-profile thrashing of Donald Trump in Wisconsin would’ve positioned him for a wave of endorsements—even from those who have despised him and his brand of politics for years. But as the Washington Post and Daily Caller report, his colleagues are hardly rushing to sign on.