John Kasich's New York ad target: Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump

“If the Never Trump movement is serious about its mission to stop Donald Trump, then it will go all out to keep him under 50% statewide and in congressional districts and make the same effort for John Kasich in New York as it did for Ted Cruz in Wisconsin,” campaign spokesperson Mike Schrimpf told CNN in a statement.

“The fact is while Ted Cruz disparages New York values, John Kasich is Donald Trump’s main competition in the state,” Schrimpf’s statement reads.

It is a message that Kasich has been pushing on the campaign trail, saying Cruz’s first place win in Wisconsin, and his own last place finish, was more a product of the anti-Trump movement than “pro-Ted Cruz votes.”

“We’re now getting to the place where we feel we have the best chance of being able to accumulate delegates,” Kasich said, looking ahead to New York’s election as well as elections in Maryland and Pennsylvania.