Why is former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone being blacklisted by the media?

So it’s pretty remarkable that two of the three major cable news channels have blacklisted Roger Stone, the veteran Republican strategist who is one of Trump’s most vocal allies and who had been a regular television presence.

CNN banned Stone in February, after he tweeted sexist, racist comments about two of the network’s on-air personalities. On Monday, MSNBC edited out a Stone interview that was part of that day’s episode of “With All Due Respect,” a weekday program that airs earlier on Bloomberg TV. The Stone interview was included in Bloomberg’s broadcast but cut from MSNBC’s. The liberal press watchdog group Media Matters was first to flag the edit.

An MSNBC spokesman said in an email to The Fix that “Roger Stone will not be a guest on MSNBC because of his now very well-known offensive comments.”

Fox News Channel has not banned Stone, according to a spokeswoman; he was a guest on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business Network on Monday. The Washington Post also does not have a policy against quoting Stone.