Megyn Kelly says of Trump coverage: Media need to "worry about our souls"

On the opening night of the 2016 Women In The World Summit, journalist Katie Couric interviewed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly about her public, months-long battle with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I promise this won’t all be about Trump, through he would love that,” Couric joked, before devoting her full 30 minute interview to the subject.

Since Kelly asked Trump a question about his public treatment of women at the first Republican debate back in August, Trump has repeatedly insulted Kelly in interviews and on Twitter. He has called her a “bimbo,” a “lightweight” and said she had, “blood coming out of her wherever,” among many other insults.

According to Kelly, his supporters have joined him in his attacks, filling her social media with an endless stream of “vitriol,” she told Couric.

“I try to stay off Twitter,” Kelly said. “But of course it has bothered me, and it has gotten very ugly. I try to stay in my happy world,” but at times, the hatred can’t help but overflow into her personal life, the anchorwoman told Couric.