Republicans vow not to bend to intimidation by Trump allies at the convention

Following her experience four years ago, Brown said she has not yet decided whether she will even attend the 2016 convention, but said additional precautions must be taken to protect the delegates.

“I would say considering how the tension was just in 2012 (and from what I’ve seen on TV) there definitely needs to be security at the committee meetings for sure,” she said. “Not sure how you could logistically secure members at all time unless you just put added security measures in place at their hotel and kept them quarantined there. There will definitely be people trying to track down and speak/lobby the members if any major changes are proposed that could affect certain candidates.”

Rick Wilson, a Florida-based Republican strategist and prominent Trump opponent, said the GOP should block Stone from attending the convention and said the flamboyant operative is a “punk ass bitch” for his efforts to intimidate his political opponents.

“We’re a party of ideas and philosophies, not of men and mobs,” Wilson said. “I believe that the Republican National Committee should ban Roger and other Trump people that are involved in this campaign from entering the convention facility. I think they should work with local law enforcement authorities to get a protection order against anybody involved in the Trump. … in any kind of intimidation like this.”