Bernie Sanders surges towards New York showdown with Hillary

Nothing short of a cushioned victory in the state she represented as a senator is likely to calm persistent Democratic questions about why the front-runner is still losing states — some of them by landslide margins. While she retains a comfortable lead of roughly 250 pledged delegates even after her Wisconsin loss, the campaign’s repeated insistence that Sanders can’t catch up may be accurate but it won’t be enough to inspire confidence in her strength as the party nominee in November.

With two weeks before New York votes, the Clinton and Sanders campaigns know it.
It’s why Clinton checked out of Wisconsin on Saturday night and has since spent her time barnstorming across New York, including at a $15 minimum wage event with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It’s why Sanders sat for an interview with the New York Daily News’ editorial board on Friday before heading back to Wisconsin to run up the score there…

“The battle for New York is going to be a titanic one, and perhaps the most important moment of the campaign so far,” said Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network think tank in Washington. “It gives Clinton a chance to blunt Sanders’ momentum, and Sanders to make the race once again truly competitive. It will be a battle as big as New York itself.”