Poll: Seven in 10 women have unfavorable opinion of Trump

Since last year, Trump’s net favorable rating (% favorable minus % unfavorable) among all adults nationally has worsened, to -35 in March from -17 in August. But despite a nearly constant string of controversies that raise questions about Trump’s attitudes toward and treatment of women, the decline in his image among men has been similar to that among women.

One possible explanation for Trump’s better image among men is that men overall are more likely to identify as Republicans, while women are more likely to identify as Democrats.

But attitudes toward Republican candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich belie this partisan explanation, given that men and women nationally have similar views of each of these two candidates. Cruz’s image tilts about equally negative among both genders, while the two genders view Kasich equally positively. Cruz’s image has become much more negative among both men and women over the past two months, but generally in lock step. The one-point difference in his net favorable rating between men (-15) and women (-16) in March is on par with the average four-point difference seen since July.