Why the Michelle Fields story could haunt Trump

It’s a never-ending story.

The utility of Trump’s carousel of outrage is that it keeps the targets moving. The media and Trump’s opponents may take a day or two to get a handle on the latest Trump barbarity only to find he’s already done or said something new to start the cycle over. Trump has even been able to control the narrative on external events, like the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, in a way no other candidate can, reorienting attention back to himself on his terms. It’s Trump’s version of the OODA Loop, and it’s confounded everyone.

So we might have expected Lewandowski’s manhandling of Fields to go the way of Trump’s other scandals — which is to say, out of our collective memory. Except it didn’t. Lewandowski’s arrest and battery charge have resurrected the story, seeming to catch the Trump campaign off-guard. As a result, Trump was forced into a hastily convened press conference on his private jet, where he lashed out at Fields and began adding previously unmentioned details to his own story.

And this will all happen again on May 4, when Lewandowski is scheduled to appear in court in Florida to answer for the battery charge. For the first time this cycle, Trump won’t be able to count on a story disappearing.