Trump rallies are getting more violent by the week

The Daily Beast has kept a running tally of arrests and police reports filed in connection with Donald Trump rallies since January 2016. Thus far, we’ve found police-reported criminal activity (including assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and disturbing the peace) at a minimum of 12 of his rallies, resulting in 55 arrests or citations. The Beast has also found at least 12 reports filed by victims alleging they had been pushed, shoved, punched, called racial slurs, or had their signs ripped from their hands.

That means in total, police-reported crimes have occurred at one in seven of Trump’s rallies. But when you look at only the last month, the number jumps, suggesting a ramp-up in violence as Trump’s campaign gathers steam.

In March alone, police arrested someone or filed incident reports at eight of Trump’s 20 rallies, meaning one in every 2.5 recent rallies is the scene of criminal activity, usually as a result of protesters clashing with Trump supporters.

While police-reported activity is important, it hardly paints a complete picture of the violence one is likely to encounter at a Trump rally.