Ted Cruz makes case to women as poll shows lead building in Wisconsin

Campaign sources say the “Women for Cruz” event had been contemplated for quite a while, but only came together in Wisconsin. More skeptical sorts might suggest the recent National Enquirer story alleging, without evidence, that Cruz has had a number of extramarital affairs had something to do with the scheduling. Plus, presenting Cruz with the women in his life extolling his fine qualities could only heighten the contrast with Donald Trump, who appears to have done enormous damage to his chances in Wisconsin with an out-of-the-blue attack on Heidi Cruz and a variety of intemperate statements relating to women — and all that is aside from the criminal charges against Trump’s campaign manager for grabbing a female reporter’s arm at a news conference earlier this month…

Whatever the motivation for Wednesday’s event, Cruz doesn’t suffer from a gender gap. He is at 40 percent with men and 39 percent with women in the Marquette poll, which is consistent with Cruz’s performance in earlier races. For example, Cruz was at 29 percent with men and 27 percent with women in Iowa, 22 percent with both men and women in South Carolina, and 34 percent with men and 35 percent with women in Oklahoma, all according to exit polls.

Cruz has certainly benefited from Trump’s mistakes where women are concerned. In particular, Team Cruz believes Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz has proved very costly with a wide range of Republican voters in Wisconsin. (Nationally, even Trump supporters Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich slammed him for it.)

But a bigger factor in Cruz’s lead in Wisconsin might have less to do with gender than the likelihood that the state is simply not unhappy enough to vote for Trump.