Donald Trump, master seducer

The unseduced have been casting about for a message that will sway people from Trump. But facts don’t work. Seduction is emotional manipulation.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with someone who is already in Trump’s thrall. I have to leave that to cult experts and psychologists. I’m afraid at this point all we can do is put our finger in the dike. The first step is for all as-yet-unseduced people to have the humility to acknowledge we’re all vulnerable. Even Democrats.

Yes, I’m talking to you, too. Sure, he’s scary now, but pretty soon he’ll be blowing a different dog whistle, and the frequency will be closer to the one your ears pick up. You’ve got some armor — a rooting interest in your team, the fact that many of you support your (likely) nominee. Schadenfreude (for which I really cannot blame you) is also an antidote. But be wary. Seriously. He’s that good.

So how to arm ourselves? I’m open to ideas, but here are a few to start us off…