Tapper blasts Obama as hypocrite for lecturing press to do their jobs

CNN’s Jake Tapper had sharp words Tuesday for President Obama after the latter’s lecture of the media the previous night, calling Obama a hypocrite because of his poor record on transparency since taking office.

Obama demanded at a media awards dinner that the Fourth Estate hold presidential candidates more accountable. He scolded the press for enabling a candidate like Donald Trump and suggested it had a greater responsibility than to hand someone a microphone.

“President Obama made many salient points,” Tapper said. “His message was a good one, but was President Obama the right messenger?”

After briefly recapping Obama’s address, Tapper said that for many journalists, “the messenger was a curious one.”

“Many believe that Obama’s call for us to probe and dig deeper and find out more has been made far more difficult by his administration than any in recent decades. A far cry from the assurances he offered when he first took office,” Tapper said.