The nine people in D.C. who like Trump

Dr. Joseph Bellanti, a professor of pediatrics, microbiology, and immunology at Georgetown University, said he didn’t recall sending Trump $250 on Jan. 13, but perhaps his wife did it on his behalf.

“I sort of want to support the best candidate and I think, we’ll see how it works out,” he said of Trump. “I think he certainly is getting the support of a lot of Americans who feel that we need a change in the direction of our country.”

Asked if he was one such American, Bellanti said, “I would support him as I learn more about him and as we get into the presidential nomination process, he’s got a rough road ahead.”

Asked if his wife could be reached to confirm that she sent the donation, Bellanti placed his phone down and proceeded to have a 12-minute conversation, parts of which were audible, including, “You know who I’d like to see him put as vice president if he’d be willing to do it? Newt Gingrich.”

Without returning to the phone call, Bellanti then started playing the piano.
His wife never got on the line.