Donald Trump is the new Marion Barry

Trump, as Barry demonstrated during his years of melodrama, operates as though he is free to do as he wants to a fare-thee-well. He is a Drama King who falls, gets up and gallops off into another battle — often conflicts of his own making, all under the glare of a media that can’t get enough.

Trump, as did Barry, has amassed devoted followers who swear by and believe in him, no matter what. Trump, like Barry, enjoys a faith and trust to make his competition drool.

Both men responded to a call, heard by them alone, to seek political power. And they received adulation from people who believed the man knew them, respected and spoke for them, in a language that the powerbrokers would not otherwise have heard.

Unlike the rest of the field, Trump, as with Barry, has no hesitancy about displaying his longings, ambitions, appetites and passions. Both, too, made line-crossing a staple of their careers.