Why so many voters are drawn to Donald Trump

He became even more of a Trump fan during one of the early debates, when Trump repudiated Jeb Bush for saying his brother George kept us safe during 9/11. He liked that Trump told Jeb that George had lied to us about weapons of mass destruction.

“The GOP booed him,” Gindick said. “And he didn’t care.”

Trump challenged another GOP orthodoxy in a later debate.

“It was Planned Parenthood,” said Gindick. “They were all in favor of getting rid of it, and Trump said, ‘You know, Planned Parenthood is a good thing. I wouldn’t fund abortion, but I would keep all those other things.'”

A social liberal and fiscal conservative, Gindick had found a candidate who wasn’t pre-programmed. Not that there isn’t a downside to spontaneity. Gindick didn’t appreciate Trump’s remarks about Ted Cruz’s wife, and his vote is not locked up just yet.