How to make sure your robot doesn't become a Nazi

There are simply ways to hedge against that sort of behavior, and it really is like actual parenting.

“For starters, if you are going to make a bot that mimics an 18-24 year old, you should start by giving it all the information they would have learned up to that point in life. This includes everything you learned in high school civics, history class and health education, not just stuff about Taylor Swift,” said Lublin.

And when Tay was unsure? If she’s supposed to be a person, she could’ve done what every living American with a phone who is not named Donald Trump would do when unsure about facts.

She could’ve simply Googled it. Or Bing’d it, if she wanted to be a total sellout.

“Tay appeared to be able to learn only in a vacuum with no way to confirm whether or not a fact coming in was valid or false by consulting a reliable source,” said Lublin.