Face it, Daredevil is a terrible superhero

There’s a central problem though. Daredevil happens to suck at being a vigilante. I contend he is a net producer of crime in his neighborhood. Obviously, few criminals curtail their activities because of Daredevil is on patrol. The crime rate is sky high. The place is a mess. Most of the violence we see is perpetuated because of his presence.

Daredevil is so incompetent, in fact, that I began rooting for him to be sidelined by his guilt-ridden conscience — or shot by an Irish mobster — so that the show could focus on more compelling characters. And by this, I mean all the other characters. Because Daredevil is, sorry to say, neither physically nor spiritually cut out for this kind of work.

How is it, for example, that a man who is trained by world’s greatest blind samurai guru, Stick, is always being knocked around?

Sure, Daredevil can handle the average henchman, but when pitted against anyone of a higher caliber, he is typically throttled to within an inch of his life.