The next RNC "autopsy" will be a real one

There are, after all, about a thousand ways the RNC could distance itself from Trumpism to preserve a modicum of moral self-respect. And yet, there he was, Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief strategist and spokesman on CNN the other day promising that his organization would support Trump “100 percent” if the billionaire becomes the nominee. Not, “we understand the will of the people and we’re going to support any Republican who embraces conservative values” or “as the party of Lincoln and Reagan, we hope that Republicans honor this tradition and pick a nominee who is inclusive and exemplify the true greatness of America”—or whatever.

No, 100 percent.

So, anyway, I look forward to watching Sean Spicer defending religious tests; getting behind mass deportations; cheering on the assassination of terrorists’ wives and young children; rationalizing attacks on free expression; getting the Republican Party behind the next Smoot–Hawley; and making excuses for the incitement of violence—and whatever’s next. It should do wonders for the RNC’s future.