Ted Cruz is making the same mistake as the establishment

The only way to resolve this is to first acknowledge the fact that some of the supporters of Marco Rubio, as an example, would be enthusiastic supporters of Ted Cruz today if not for their legitimate grievances. Once that is done you can seek to persuade them to give their all for Cruz, rather than trying to shame them into voting for Cruz.

I want Cruz to win the nomination. When this all began I said I hoped Gov. Perry would get a plot of land and a P.O. Box in OK so he and Cruz could be on the ticket together, maybe there is still time. Who knows? At any rate, I hope the Cruz surrogates think hard on how they would feel if Cruz was knocked out by a competitor and they had to make the choice to support someone they feel betrayed them, justified or not.

The beauty of conservatism as an ideology is that is takes into account the whole of man’s nature. Conservatives would do well to remind themselves of this and apply it to the act of consolidation around Cruz which must occur to stop Donald Trump.

If Cruz ignores his most natural allies and their concerns, and demands their votes, he will look just like the establishment he is intent on bringing down.