Donald Trump is more than my boss, he is a patriarch

Michael Cohen doesn’t sleep much. As Donald Trump’s right-hand man, there’s no time to do so at the moment.

In his own words, as Trump’s Special Counsel and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organisation, he handles “everything” that personally affects the Republican candidate, who is currently the frontrunner for the US presidency.

It’s a wide job description but one to which he has grown accustomed. Speaking from his plush New York office, the 49-year-old answers the phone call with a strong, emphatically American: “Mike Cohen”.

He’s firm, brusque and refreshingly free of insipid lines. It’s clear he’s got a long list of things to do today. “I’m really busy,” he says. “I don’t really sleep much. I am used to living this life, with only a few hours’ of sleep.”

Yet he’s reluctant to describe his environment as a tough one in which to work. “Like Mr Trump, I do not require much sleep,” he says. “This affords me the opportunity to tackle issues early while most people are still asleep.’’