Did Trump protest tactics backfire?

As I drove away from Reagan National Airport on Monday, I heard a report on WMAL radio that a group supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders had tweeted out a congratulations to those who had forced the cancellation of Donald Trump’s speech in Chicago.


The tweet called the cancellation a “great victory” and saluted the “thousands” of people and “dozen” groups that had helped bring about the protest.

By the next day (Tuesday), the “victory” did not look so great.

Willie Geist, a cohost of “Morning Joe,” reported on one poll that said 88 percent of those surveyed said that Mr. Trump had actually been helped by the antics of the anti-Trump demonstrators.

Then Joe Scarborough reported that Mr. Trump had gone up six points in one poll in Florida since the protests.

It is significant to note that no conservatives have protested in such childish ways or done anything to force the cancellation of Clinton or Sanders rallies.

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