Violence is making Trumpmania stronger

Roman Fuller and his friend Haewon, who declined to disclose her last name, said they were 21 and students at Florida International University. They told The Daily Beast they didn’t have plans to protest, they just wanted to ask Trump supporters how they could like him.

“We fucking hate him!” Haewon said. “Why wouldn’t there be violence? How could all these hundreds of people be here and not react? Like, we’re leaving right now. I can’t even listen to this shit.”

As they talked, security walked up and down the fence, to the water, looking for anyone else trying to sneak into the event.

Some of Trump’s most ardent fans in Boca Raton wanted him to tone down his rhetoric and discourage violence. To illustrate how she felt about some of the things he says, one older woman simply bit her own fist.

But mostly, like elsewhere in the country, Trump’s supporters lay blame for the behavior of their own at the feet of others.