Trump cites doctored video to connect protester to ISIS

Dimassimo spoke with local TV about the protest in April, 2015, and said it was not meant to disrespect military members for “sacrifices they made for this country.” He also said he was not “anti-vet” or “anti-troops,” and the report describes him as an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The alleged ISIS video also includes a description written entirely in Arabic. The Arabic is badly garbled, but appears to say “Tommy D” was trying to look “cool” and as if he has big balls for standing on an American flag.

The alleged ISIS video appears to have been posted to YouTube last May by someone named Thomas Jenners, whose account has since been deleted, then taken down Saturday. But the personal insults directed at Dimassimo are uncharacteristic of ISIS media. It was also posted to Facebook, but has since been deleted.