Hillary can't win. She's the establishment candidate in year of insurgency.

Trump draws the spotlight, and an industry has sprung up of media meat puppets of the liberal left and of the war party center right. They wring their hands and warn America that if Trump or the conservative Ted Cruz is elected president, the republic will collapse.

It won’t. But the rhetoric is quite hysterical, the theatrics entertaining, and you probably should understand the technique.

The screaming at enemies has two purposes: The first identifies the foe. That’s understood. But the second involves herding votes.

Because the longer you can compel the tribe to shriek wildly and point at that tiger in the night forest, the more you can get them to fear what’s out there, the tighter the villagers are bound to your side around the campfire.

It’s not only about pointing at the enemy. It’s about using shame — even on social media — to make sure the simple villagers won’t stray.