The Trump campaign speech that could beat Hillary this fall

“So, after 9/11, we sort of had a comeback. I mean that day was horrible — horrible — but at least for a while we were all united and the rest of the world supported us. And then that idiot George W. Bush, I mean, he even makes his brother look smart, he blew it all by starting the war in Iraq. Totally destabilized the Middle East, discredited our foreign policy — and she voted for it in the Senate!

“She voted for that stupid, stupid war and then five years later we have total financial meltdown, and Bush wants to bail out the banks — and she votes for that, too! Everything the last 25 years has her fingerprints on it, people. Libya! What a disaster! Even Obama told Jeffrey Goldberg the other day ‘it didn’t work.’ His words — I would have used stronger ones, believe me. Either way, that was on her watch as secretary of state. She wanted to do that terrible, terrible Trans-Pacific trade deal, too, until she wimped out for the campaign.

“I know, I know. A lot of Republicans voted for these things, too: Most of ’em were bipartisan, in fact. That’s my point, people. They’re all the same. Say what you want about me — okay, so I was kinda for TARP at the time; maybe I did tell Howard Stern we should attack Iraq. At least that was just talk. I was nowhere near that mess in Washington. She was knee-deep in it.”