Showing strength in Michigan, Trump feeds on hostility to GOP, Romney

“What’s happened to you people is disgraceful,” Trump said of the auto industry’s decline. “Mexico is becoming the car capital of the world, whether you like it or not, and we’re going to turn that around … In a couple of years, you’ll go home to your wife and home to your husband and say, ‘Darling, I have so many job opportunities, I’m going absolutely crazy.’ As opposed to now …”

Trump instinctively sensed that he could bash Romney in Romney’s home state with no consequences at all. “This guy Romney came out yesterday,” Trump began, which brought on lots and lots of boos. “The hatred he has, the jealousy, the hatred, it’s hard to believe.”

More boos. “You guys should like him, right?” Trump said. Still more boos.

‘Deport Romney!” yelled a man in the crowd.

“Thank you,” said Trump.

“Loser,” yelled a woman near me.