Poll: Would Mitt Romney's endorsement make you more or less likely to vote for someone?

We asked people directly if a Romney endorsement would influence their vote. About half (48%) of Trump supporters said it would have “no effect” on their vote. Only 7% said that it would make them “more likely” to vote for the candidate Romney endorsed, while a whopping 39% said is would make them “less likely” to vote for that candidate.

The problem for establishment Republicans like Romney is that they, as much as the Democrats, are the enemy to Trump supporters. A Romney endorsement for either John Kasich or Marco Rubio might help the one he endorses attract the other’s supporters, because 30% of Kasich and Rubio supporters say they would be influenced positively by a Romney endorsement. But endorsing another candidate is one thing Mitt Romney said he wouldn’t do in his speech on Thursday.