Donald Trump has not brought "millions and millions" of people to the Republican Party

A report from the Boston Herald before Super Tuesday cited the Massachusetts secretary of state’s office to note that 20,000 Democrats had left their party before voting began. A representative from the secretary of state’s office confirmed to the Post by email that this had happened — with 16,000 of them switching to be independents, not Republicans. That’s out of about 1.5 million Democrats in the state, incidentally.

The state of Texas, the largest to vote so far this year, added about 250,000 new voters since November of last year — but that’s all voters, not just Republicans. We can’t tell from the state’s data how many are Republicans. In California, the largest state, Republican voter registration is “tanking,” in the words of the Los Angeles Times, with the density of Republicans in the voter pool falling 3 percent since 2012. What Trump giveth, Trump taketh away.

Gallup’s regular polling on party identity doesn’t see much of a spike for Republicans either.