Romney is too much a coward to say what’s really on his mind

Three questions, one answer: Romney wants back in, but doesn’t have the nerve to come out and say it. So typical, and another example of what so many Republicans like about Trump. As writer and Fox commentator Monica Crowley put it, frustrated GOP voters “want a street fighter,” and in Trump, they finally have one.

Romney reminded us Thursday that he is a boardroom fighter. He might have been a very good president, and I don’t regret voting for him four years ago. I only regret that he lost an election he should have won.

He was an incompetent candidate, believing he was going to win until the last minute, when he realized his polls were all wrong. He stood mute as a biased moderator sided with President Obama on Benghazi in the crucial second debate. His computerized turn-out-the-vote operation crashed on Election Day.