Inside Ted Cruz's plan to sink Marco Rubio in Florida

A Rubio loss, Cruz’s orbit believes, would then set up the two-man race with Donald Trump they believe they are destined for — and absolutely need — to win.

“Florida’s a burning dumpster fire for Marco Rubio,” said Cruz spokesman Ron Nehring. “If he doesn’t win his own state, it’s hard to rationalize going forward.”…

Cruz is planning to spend part of next week in Florida, and in recent days his campaign opened 10 offices across the state. Under the direction of one of the aides who engineered his Iowa win, deputy Iowa state director Spence Rogers, Cruz has 300 county chairs and his campaign is preparing to unveil major endorsements and a list of Cuban-American supporters in coming days.

He shouldn’t be short of cash. Cruz will attend a major fundraiser Monday in Houston, and the main pro-Cruz super PAC, Keep the Promise, unveiled a new big-money group Friday meant to draw in top donors. Keep the Promise is expected to advertise heavily in Florida.