Rubio scrambles to undo Trump in Florida

These are dark days for the Rubio campaign, and they might be his last. The confidence Sullivan has in a Florida victory does not extend much beyond Rubio’s staff and his longtime backers.

According to Republican consultants and political observers from Tallahassee to Orlando to Tampa to Miami, there’s virtually no evidence that Rubio has the robust campaign in place that’s needed to shrink – let alone overcome — Trump’s lead that ranges from 7 to 20 percentage points, depending on the poll. For weeks, his team hasn’t blanketed known early voters with mail and they haven’t been calling Republicans state-wide until just a few days ago.

“There needs to be a flashing red light on Rubio’s headquarters: This is an emergency,” said Tony Fabrizio, a national Republican pollster and consultant who worked on Gov. Rick Scott’s two successful campaigns. “If I’m Terry Sullivan, I need to start thinking hard about pulling back from these other states as much as I can and making Florida a last stand. Florida is Rubio’s last stand. If he loses, he’s finished.”