Harris-Perry throws away TV career, petulantly plays race card from bottom of the deck

Get it? The pre-emptions are all about race. And by the way, not sure where the whole “token” part is coming from considering the number of African-American talent currently on the MSNBC payroll. So here’s the deal around MHP’s gripe: Her network has been pre-empting many programs over the past few weeks, including pretty much all of Dayside on weekdays. No matter, Harris-Perry seems to have no problem playing the race card here from the bottom of the deck… because that’s all she seems to know.

“This reaction is surprising, confusing and disappointing,” says a network spokesperson, adding that Joy Reid — who had her weekday program cancelled last year but was kept by the network to perform other duties, will anchor in Harris-Perry’s spot instead.

Here’s another cold fact: She is — at best — marginally talented for someone who performs on a national level. Even after four years on the job, her delivery, screen presence and interviewing style is decidedly awkward. Her judgment and analysis… oftentimes laughable.