Bernie's bucks bury Hillary in New Hampshire

On the heels of a record $20 million fundraising haul in January — $5 million more than Clinton, who was expected to set the pace — the Vermont senator has outspent her here by a margin of more than 3-to-1 in television ads. According to an analysis of media buyer data, Sanders has spent $2.8 million to Clinton’s $800,000 in the final two weeks before the New Hampshire primary.

To some degree, the spending disparity reflects the priorities of each campaign. Sanders’ operation has focused on pulling out all the stops to guarantee a do-or-die victory after his narrow loss in Iowa. Clinton, who is feeling the brunt of it, hasn’t chosen to invest as heavily in a state where she has trailed in every single public poll so far in 2016 — more than two dozen in total…

“In New Hampshire — which we understand is going to be the linchpin for the nomination for us, and we need the momentum out of the state — we decided to double down on advertising,” confirmed Tad Devine, Sanders’ chief strategist. “When the money began to come in, and the resources, to allow us to run a truly national campaign — combined with our decision to hold onto the money until we got to the voting — it gave us an opportunity to get to this [big-spending] point.”