What Donald Trump must do

Trump must return to the core issues that put him way, way out front: sealing our borders, building the wall, recharging our economy, addressing trade imbalances, taking care of our veterans, and destroying ISIS. He should talk about the Trump tax plan, praised by supply side guru Larry Kudlow. We know Trump is very, very rich; we want to hear how he would make us rich.

The rise of Rubio is very real, but Trump must dispatch Cruz as a viable candidate before he can face-off with Rubio, who will continue to be a factor in the Palmetto state. Rubio is gaining 3% a night in polls I have seen, and Trump leveled of after dropping 4% to sit on a modest lead. Rubio could supercharge this trend with a strong debate performance.

I really believe Trump has the strongest cross-over appeal of any candidate. Because he is unaligned with either major party leadership, he can criticize both parties, thereby winning independents. Trump’s pro-growth message is inspirational. Credible polls have him running substantially ahead of where Romney and McCain finished among African-Americans, showing inroads in the traditionally Democratic bloc. Trump can pull white working class Democrats who voted for Obama.